The Seeds of Things

A winged woman and a man with a gun struggle in the clutches of a giant creature

The Seeds of Things, by Roger Benningfield

Thanks for checking out the 22 page preview of my work in progress, The Seeds of Things. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy graphic novel about the dead, the living, and the forgotten misbegotten.

Reading options:

You can read The Seeds of Things on just about any device or computer. If the list of options is befuddling, just download the PDF; it isn’t ideal, but it’ll get the job done.

I also provide a web version of the preview¬†, mainly to allow people to comment on or ask questions about specific pages. The image quality is lower than in the downloadable versions, but it’s there if you need or want it.

If you enjoy TSOT or just feel like being super-friendly, please share this page with your friends. They’ll appreciate a break from all the cat pictures!

Oh, and while I’m here, a quick shout out to my patient, beautiful wife: I love you. ‘Cause you, like, literally rock.


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